Founded in 2015, 特別なもの was launched with the single purpose of making quality cycling gear - its sole purpose to obtain the beautiful merger of art and functionality. our products begin with a single word, or phrase that inspires it's design and aesthetic. we've kept to whats '特別なもの' : roughly translated to 'special objects' with a sentimental ode, kits and specific products are produced in single run, made-to-order quantities.


kaizen '改善' - a PURSUIT OF CONTINUAL growth : in our three years of existence, we've consistently put out KITS & accessories that go above and beyond in terms of quality, finishing and material construction. with ECO FRIENDLY fabric technology at the forefront of our R&D, we've produced gear UTILISING technology from the best, including schoeller, invista, EIT, woolmark and more. To view more about our technical constructions, scroll down  →


the unique experience

INDEPENDENTLY owned and operated since day 1, 特別なもの functions entirely on its terms. we've eschewed market data, trends and offerings to stick to what we do best. offering one-off kits, with a commitment to design & quality. we've been out there with manufacturers who can produce high quality products at low MOqs - a rare industry practice at the standard which is then passed on to our consumers : a limited edition product backed by cutting edge tech.

we're a few individuals producing what we enthusiastically consume - and vice versa. from in-house printing to packaging, 90% of all content is produced locally in the studio. products are road & life tested prior to being shipped out the door : there's quality assurance like no other when it comes to having something personally thought through and curated. not businessmen, but cyclists keen to push the envelope on what's possible.

at 特別なもの, passion comes first - profits come second. unique production capabilities, with fabric technology at our disposal has allowed us to work with like minded individuals to produce collaboration material and team merch. to find out how you can put together custom gear for your crew, please visit the LAB →