Kit 2.0

Digital Storm

: Continuum : 

ˈAdaptability :


Inspired by continuity in spite of unfavourable conditions.

Caught in a torrential downpour while continuing to mash alongside buses in heavy traffic, we developed the idea of creating a kit to blend aesthetically into the environment. As onlookers stared in bewilderment and our pedals sprayed rainfall all around, we knew we had to look not only insane, but badass while doing so.

The digital storm design encompasses the iconism of the wild weather - the pitter patter of rain, billowing gusts of wind and the hazy, grey lined visibility.



Digital Storm :


ˈAdaptability :

Boldly placed long the sleeves and lightly plastered on the back can be found a sign of continuity via the Penrose Diagram, demonstrated by the endless flow of 3 triangles combined together.

The infinity of movement represents the All Conditions that which the design is meant to function aesthetically in, be it rain or shine.

"THNCTRNS" is the abbreviation of The Nocturnes - a nod to the all the nocturnals and those who ride well into the night - as by the creed: We work in the dark, to serve the light.


Digital Storm :

Continuum :


Carrying on in the kit's aesthetic direction, the Wind Jacket adds an aspect of functionality and adaptability. 

Just akin to unpredictable weather conditions, we wanted the Wind Jacket to not only be able to combat, but also adapt in the circumstance whereby wind would cease for a certain period of the ride.

The sleeves can be unzipped, compressed and stored in the spacious back pocket to essentially turn it into a vest, allowing ventilation when necessary.