OCT 2014


The idea was to create something sleek, yet shadowed to pair the Kanji with - something that would look fantastic gliding through dark alleys and emerging from urban tunnels.

Drawing inspiration from jungle CQC style Tiger Camouflage, we outlined it to further streamline the jersey graphically, while rendering it in dash strokes, mimicking flat lay map terrains

The upward dispersal pattern also enhanced the streamlined image, giving it a 'Fade to black' / blurred out finish when on speed.




Creating the dazzle pattern, other than aesthetic yin-yang, allowed it to function wholly at its core.

The 'break up' graphic provides high contrast, excellent in terms of visibility. We placed them at core points of the rider - Arm cuffs for a frontal view, Back pocket panel, and Leg cuffs, which work really great when pedalling and viewed from the side.