: Special Objects : 


Tokubetsu Na Mono came to fruition mid 2014, when we started riding on fixed gear bicycles with some friends.

Coming from a design background, it was natural progression to want something personal and unique to ride with as a group, and months later we designed the jersey to go along.

Our initial run of 10 pieces sold out soon after, and along the course of the next year we received many requests for a re-run due to its very limited initial stock - in lieu of Tokubetsu Na Mono having a year of existence,  you may now pre-order the jersey via the 'Store' tab.

Thanks a bunch for the love & support !

Qi & Kwan


Initial Stock /  Pre-Order

Our jerseys are produced in small batches. Tokubetsu Na Mono was founded on the idea of creating limited objects. 

Enjoy your jersey, ride with exclusive aesthetics. 


We have never done re-runs, with our focus having always been on producing fresh designs. This stems from our belief that one should never stagnate, that there should always be continual improvement in life. 

It is counter intuitive that we have ended up doing a re-run for the first product listed on our site, but hey there was too much love for it. We have decided to share, for a limited time, life's simple pleasure of donning an exclusive jersey and killing it on your ride!  Grab 'em quick!