initially created for personal use, the V1 was born out of a desire for something different that the usual cycling gear offerings. Drawing inspiration from Camouflage patterns through history, the V1 Combined both the 'Dazzle' & 'Tiger' patterns used in different eras of war.

For the short sleeve variation, the 'Dazzle' pattern on the arms was eschewed for a cleaner 'finish' where cuff meets arm.  With stark, contrasting bands across the limbs, the 'Dazzle' pattern is reversed in it's usage, turning into a visual aid, rather than camouflage.

UNSEEN FROM AFAR, A 'Tiger' CAMOUFLAGE OUTLINE FLOWS upward on the body, WHILE The 'Dazzle' CAMOUFLAGE, along with Kanji Logotype, was used for attention grabbing purposes, ENsuring rider visibility on the bike.