FEATURING the VISUALS & Technicalities of our local Velodrome, utilised in conjunction with visually complimenting linear graphics.

the v3 was Inspired by the phrase "You cannot change what you refuse to confront" - Too many times in life we suffer from self-imposed limits, and draw "the line" too early on what we can or cannot do. The V3 was a direct translation of that said sentiment.

An arm warmer was included as part of the V3, in tonal hues of navy to create a subtle visual difference. Italian Matrix fabric allowed an even, multi directional stretch, maintaining an extremely comfortable fit alongside its compression & insulation properties.

A small print on the back reads "you cannot change what you refuse to confront", in a circular 'loop', a nod to the cyclical process of change being an everyday constant.

The long sleeved & arm warmer variants of 'The Line' boldly displays the Iconic vertical text - previously down the spine of the V2, the text now runs along the left sleeve, serving up both static and fluid aesthetics when worn. 

Although used as a small form of detail, the Salmon Pink and White linear graphics create a stark contrast across the kit while in motion