Initially created 2 years prior, the design file was aptly saved "prototype", due to the nature of it being thought 'incomplete' then. 

the V4 was based on how most relationships looked perfect from the outside, but differing ideologies created hairline cracks and fragmentations, which in turn was translated through graphic splints and cracks in the 'constant' design elements.

Usually modifications would be made from the first iteration, but the v4 was never modified nor had further details added to the kit - the irony of a prototype being its final form.

The Rear of the jersey featured the V2's vertical logotype, but came 'fractured' with other linear graphics, with similar application of type vertically placed along the arm warmers.

the usual logos & graphics were 'fragmented', which looked whole from afar but could only be seen up close, a direct relation from it's ethos to graphic application.

Technical changes were also made to the kit, including new fabrics to complement the colorway choices - a slight sheen & lighter weight fabric to give the slate details a 'gun metal' finish.